My office blocked this site!

OK now my office's firewall started to block my website. I think they already have tracked my browsing history. First, my eCommerce site ( and »

Finally got my account back!

After one year hiatus from playing Blizzard games, finally I decided to reactivate my account back. Previously my account was locked because I played »

Panama - Always

Found this cool song accidentally while visiting Soundcloud. A very well made song! »

Finally, my first Instagram account...

On June 1st night, after struggling to fall asleep at 1 AM, I decided to register an Instagram account. For years I have been bashing Instagram »

Web shop project:

I have started working on my new project: an eCommerce website Technically, I used OpenCart for the store page, and Vanilla Forums as forums »

5 things to do after rooting your Android device

Now you have a rooted Android device. Congrats, you have unlocked the true potential of your device! But.. what you should do after root? OK, here »