My rMBP display failed :(

Last weekend, my Macbook Pro displays nothing. I defenitely can see OSX boots normally using HDMI cable, but my monitor displays absolutely nothing. Even sometimes the »

Meta typo spotted on Malaysiakini


My World of Warcraft experience (so far)

So far I have played World of Warcraft for 2+ months. In summary, I really like playing WoW, but I actually don't have time to play »

My office blocked this site!

OK now my office's firewall started to block my website. I think they already have tracked my browsing history. First, my eCommerce site ( and »

Finally got my account back!

After one year hiatus from playing Blizzard games, finally I decided to reactivate my account back. Previously my account was locked because I played »

Panama - Always

Found this cool song accidentally while visiting Soundcloud. A very well made song! »